Dictionary meaning of Kosher means “right or correct” w.r.t Jewish dietary law prescribed in bible. Similarly Halal means which is “lawful” or “permitted as per Islamic practices. Commercial speaking from India export market segment Halal is preferred certification for Islamic countries like Middle east otherwise  in  other develop countries Like USA, UK, Canada, Australia or European Region  Kosher Certified food is more preferred . In absence of availability of Halal food instead of taking unbranded Muslim people shift to Kosher Certified food.

The list of animals forbidden by kashrut is more restrictive, as kashrut requires that, to be kosher, mammals must chew cud and must have cloven hooves. Thus some animals such as the camel are halal, but not kosher. There are no restrictions on what organs or parts of the carcass may be eaten from a halal-slaughtered and -dressed animal; as long as it was slaughtered and prepared according to the rules of halal, the entire animal, with the exception of blood, is fit for consumption by Muslims. However, kashrut prohibits eating the chelev (certain types of fat) and gid hanosheh (the sciatic nerve).

Kashrut requires strict separation of dairy and meat products, even when they are kosher separately.

Almost all insects are prohibited by both sets of law,

In Kosher, Gelatin is only permissible if it comes from a permissible animal (usually kosher gelatin comes from the bones of kosher fish, or is a vegan substitute, such as agar). Most commonly, the gelatin made from animal products is not manufactured from kosher or kosher-slaughtered animals

For an item to be halal, it must not contain alcohol of any kind. However, there is a difference drawn between the addition of alcohol to foods, which is absolutely forbidden, and the small quantities that naturally become present – such as orange juice. Except for grape wine and grape juice (which must be manufactured under Jewish supervision), kashrut allows the consumption of any sort of alcohol, as long as it has kosher ingredients (excluding any unsupervised grape extracts)…